The Best Sleeve Straps for Sports

Introducing t-shirt sleeve straps for sports that will improve your range of motion while keeping you cool on hot days. Invented by a father for his daughter’s soccer team, ExerTies t-shirt sleeve straps are made from stretchy, comfortable, and hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone and feature an easy-to-fasten clasp.


The Story Behind the Best Sleeve Straps for Sports

While watching his daughter play soccer on a hot day, inventor Andrew Powell noticed that the players kept rolling up their sleeves — which would soon unroll, interfering with their game.

While velcro sleeve straps are scratchy and uncomfortable and tape is hard to remove and wasteful. Fabric sleeve straps can also be challenging to fasten and hard to clean effectively.

So Andrew had an idea: Why not make t-shirt sleeve straps for sports made out of silicone?

After many iterations, Andrew and his team came up with ExerTies: hypoallergenic, chafe-free silicone t-shirt scrunchies that keep your sleeves up throughout an entire game — all while abiding by soccer safety regulations.

  • Sleeve Straps for Staying Cool on Game Day

    Say goodbye to fussy sleeve rolls: ExerTies will keep you cool on game day, no adjustments needed. As they're 100% silicone, they abide by soccer regulations, too.

  • Improve Your Range of Motion

    Whether you're in-charge of throw-ins or sprinting to the ball, ExerTies -- the best t-shirt sleeve straps for sports -- will help you get there.

  • So Comfortable That You'll Forget About Them

    Unlike velcro, tape, or fabric, these silicone sleeve straps won't chafe. They're also made from hypoallergenic medical silicone.

Why The Best Sleeve Straps for Sports Are Silicone

Commonly found in medical devices and kitchen products, silicone is an amazing material for athletic gear for a number of reasons:

  • Medical-grade silicone can be hypoallergenic and skin-contact safe, unlike lower quality plastic.
  • ExerTies t-shirt sleeve straps are great for sports because they’re soft and stretchy. This means that they can securely hold sleeves of many sizes.
  • Silicone is dishwasher and washing machine-safe and will last for a long time, ensuring that you have a durable (and clean) t-shirt sleeve strap for your sports games.
  • Most importantly for soccer players, these t-shirt sleeve straps abide by soccer regulations because they don’t have any hard, metal components.

Sports Sleeve Straps for Kids

"These were a gift for my daughter and she loves them. She is always rolling up the sleeves of her t-shirts in the summer. These hold the sleeves up so your shirt becomes a sleeveless shirt." - Reviewer


Who Can Wear These T-Shirt Sleeve Straps?

ExerTies fit comfortably on athletes ages 7 and up, including adults. Since their invention, these t-shirt sleeve straps have become popular beyond sports: anyone doing strenuous activities in a hot environment can benefit, as do people who recently got arm tattoos or anyone looking to avoid a farmer’s tan.

Common Sports Sleeve Strap Uses, According to Our Reviewers:

  • Soccer, volleyball, and frisbee players
  • Warehouse and other people who engage in demanding jobs in warm environments
  • Those looking to avoid a farmer’s tan
  • People who have recently gotten arm tattoos Anyone who wants to keep cool on a hot day
tshirt sleeve straps for sports

Easy-to-Use Sleeve Straps

"Love that it comes in the translucent option, which can be worn with any color shirt and not stand out. The soft silicone is easy on your skin, and doesn't damage your shirt like tape would." - Reviewer

4 Reasons to Love These T-Shirt Sleeve Straps for Sports

ExerTies have become a cult-favorite product on Amazon for all of these reasons and more. Love your ExerTies? Share how you wear them in a review.

So Comfortable You’ll Forget They’re There

ExerTies are famously comfortable — thanks to chafe-free, soft silicone. Many of our customers forget to take them off their gear and throw them in the wash. Luckily, these t-shirt sleeve straps are washing machine and dishwasher-safe, though use a gentle cycle for longer use.

T-Shirt Sleeve Straps for Athletes of All Ages

ExerTies are a great gift for kids and adults looking to step up their game and keep cool during their favorite warm weather sports. ExerTies are great for elementary school kids and older.

These T-Shirt Sleeve Straps Are Easy to Fasten

No need to fuss during your game: ExerTies feature our signature button clasp, making them easy to fasten yet secure. Unlike scratchy velcro straps and tape, these sleeve straps for shirts couldn’t be easier to use.

Affordable and Made in America

Feel good about supporting a small business when you choose ExerTies t-shirt sleeve straps for athletes, which are manufactured in Maine. As we are factory-owned, we’re pleased to offer fair pricing — and wholesale, too — to our customers.

The Best Sleeve Straps for Sports Players of All Ages

Find out why everyone loves ExerTies: the American-made silicone sleeve scrunchies that keep athletes of all sports cool and focused during their favorite sports.

Up your game with ExerTies.