The Story Behind ExerTies

Many years back, sister of ExerTies inventor Andy had a "wicked" good idea.

Part of her job included safety checking players—ranging from little kids to D1 athletes--at the beginning of every game. She often had to ask players to remove things like jewelry, along with velcro sleeve ties. When players roll their sleeves up during a game, they inevitably fall down, distracting them from play.

A former athlete himself, Andy invented ExerTies: silicone sleeve straps that follow soccer league regulations and provide players with a comfortable way to secure their sleeves.

Who Can Wear ExerTies?

ExerTies are for everyone. Many of our customers wear them for sports, get them for their kids, or wear them while working physical jobs, such as in a warehouse. Many people wear them simply to avoid tan lines, too.

ExerTies are great for soccer, volleyball, softball, running, cheeleading and so much more.

In fact, many of our customers use ExerTies for computer/electronic cable management and key chain organizers. At the factory, we use them to secure water hoses and heater cables because they remain flexible when exposed to high temperatures and freezing cold.

Made in America

ExerTies is one of many silicone products developed by Andy and his talented product design team at Casco Bay Molding. We're pleased to design and make ExerTies in Maine and provide you with factory-direct pricing.

Medical-Grade Silicone

Silicone is a reusable, sustainable and dishwasher-safe alternative to plastic. Specifically, ExerTies are product from medical-healthcare grade class VI silicone rubber. Material of this quality is also used in medical devices and sensitive products like baby bottles.

The majority of Casco Bay Molding products are made from high-quality silicone. These include scuba gear, menstrual cups, dental equipment, medical device components, and much more.

The Benefits of Silicone ExerTies

We are strong supporters of using silicone rather than plastic because it offers the following benefits:


The silicone we use has been lab tested, ensuring that it's safe for skin contact and won't cause irritation. This is crucial for athletes who need to focus on the game.

Soft and Chafe-Free

ExerTies are soft and stretchy, meaning that they sit comfortably against your skin rather than causing irritation, like fabric or tape sleeve straps can.


We use silicone because it's more durable than other polymer (plastic) alternatives. We believe in making sustainable products to save you money and save our planet from unnecessary waste.


One of the amazing things about our material is that it remains flexible in extreme heat and the freezing cold.

Easy to Clean

No one likes sweaty athletic gear. ExerTies are dishwasher-safe so you can easily clean them between practices and games.

woman in sun wearing exerties

Wholesale Opportunities

ExerTies™ silicone cable straps are available wholesale for your sports & IT retail stores. Please contact our sales department below for inquiries and custom quotes. As a factory owned business, we offer competitive pricing and the highest-quality made in USA silicone products. Our straps arrive ready in beautiful retail-ready packaging.

Co-Packing & White Labeling

ExerTies™ are designed and developed by Casco Bay Molding, an ISO 13485:2016 certified product development and injection molding facility located in Sanford, Maine. Complete with an in-house tools shop, we offer decades of silicone and thermoplastic part design and product experience, focusing on Class I and II medical device components.

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