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Designed for athletes, ExerTies are the comfortable, hypoallergenic sleeve straps made to up your game.


ExerTies are made from the same material used in medical devices, meaning that they're hypoallergenic and skin contact safe.


These athlete-approved sleeve straps are made from stretchy silicone. ExerTies are so comfortable that you'll forget they're there.

Easy to fasten

ExerTies feature a simple yet secure button closure and stretch to accommodate your t-shirt sleeves.

Wholesale Available

Get ExerTies for the whole team with our factory-direct wholesale pricing. Also available for resale upon request.


"Love that it comes in the translucent option, which can be worn with any color shirt and not stand out. The soft silicone is easy on your skin, and doesn't damage your shirt like tape would."

Works for grown men

"I work in a distribution warehouse with a dress code and these babies make my life alot easier! Silicone stays in place, comfortable like they"re not even there."

Holds your sleeves back

"These were a gift for my daughter and she loves them. She is always rolling up the sleeves of her t-shirts in the summer. These hold the sleeves up so your shirt becomes a sleeveless shirt."